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    8/28- Hopeless Romantic #poetry #wordplayer #freewrite

    8/28- Hopeless Romantic #poetry #wordplayer #freewrite

    — 1 month ago
    #freewrite  #poetry  #wordplayer 
    8/27: Buttahflys. #freewrite #poetry #wordplayer #HappyHumpDay

    8/27: Buttahflys. #freewrite #poetry #wordplayer #HappyHumpDay

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    Anything But Nothing

    Do you think that I could mean anything but nothing to you?
    I’m not tryna gas you or fill your head, no bluffing babe, I’m true—
    to my word, to my actions, to you—if you let me,
    I want to plant my name in your brain so you would never forget me.
    Forget-me-not, forgive me always, never cause you harm on purpose,
    my feeling for you are so dense that they just float right to the surface.
    & I just had to birth this bit of poetry, my heart moves my pen forcefully,
    I’m prepared to steal your heart, arrest me for grand larceny.
    I can be all your wants and needs in a gift box wrapped in ribbon,
    long natural hair to play in, brown eyes to look in, plump lips for nibbling,
    intelligent, ambitious, sweet and tender kisses
    respectful, loyal and honest, ‘cause all that lying is for the fishes.
    I’m granting wishes; so can I be your Aphrodite or your genie in a bottle?
    Take all your worries away, HAKUNA MATATA is the motto.
    Show you new places and new things, maybe take you out to eat,
    just because I am a female doesn’t mean that I can’t treat.
    I’m unique.
    I can show you how I’m different, I think I was born a different breed,
    fun and laughter and some Buttah is all that you really need.
    I want to make you smile, to be the reason you feel good,
    be the Queen and treat you as my King (just as I should).
    I really just want to kick it, be around you—this was fate,
    you’ll be just like my closest friend, we don’t even have to date.
    I don’t think you get it, you are everything I like,
    doubt that this is wrong but if so, to hell with being right!
    I don’t have to be your girlfriend though, so let me sum it up for you:
    I want to be anything
    anything but nothing to you.

    April 10, 2012

    — 2 years ago
    "a dream lived
    sleeping beauty awoken
    reality from fantasy
    eyes fully open"
    — 2 years ago
    The Blood In Me

    Ain’t no type of bud that [cKould] get you this high

    I’m [cKhillin] on a [cKloud], not nine—number five

    Got my feelings giving it up real [brazy] on some real shxt

    My heart bout’a jump out my body and I [cKould] feel it.

    Making more memories, some shxt I’d never thought I’d do

    Holding onto the old and [cKreating] the new

    Ain’t no feelings quite like this that I’ve ever felt

    I mean, through all this time, every one of your hugs still make me melt.

    The blood in me flows from head to toe & from beginning to end

    From the depths of my pulsing heart to the tip of my pen

    And even if I’d have to repeat it again & again

    I want you to know

    that you bring out the blood in me, five.

    (February 20, 2009)

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    His caress; His touch; His breath on my skin like autumn

    I can see the drops of water condensing on the window

    Winter approaches

    But inside, I’m autumn under his warmth

    And even when the morning chill breezes against my skin

    There’s something about his hands

    Like they hold autumn between us

    And when he weathers love between my thighs

    It might be freezing cold around us

    But inside, I’m autumn under his warmth

    And fall occurs between my thighs.

    (September 29, 2009)

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    Reality vs. Fantasy

    it’s my choice to be blind from all kinds of reality

    it could just be you and me

    let’s live in a fantasy

    we could live in green grass fields

    like our skin was invincible to the blades

    and stare into the sun to be blinded by it as it fades

    we could kiss for days like money has no equivalence to time

    and could exchange looks like currency like there were diamonds in our eyes

    we could paint the world black

    so there’d be nothing to see

    it’ll just be you and me—

    the perfect kind of scenery

    we could close our eyes forever

    and wave goodbye to reality

    who needs a pulse?

    when no one dies in a fantasy ..

    (February 17, 2009)

    — 2 years ago

    I was project number one

    tools in his toolbox

    he was prepared

    through whatever was in store

    rain, sleet, snow, and wind

    his ruler


    his hammer


    and his plywood


    strong enough to finish

    project number one

    and when the project was complete

    it was a woman

    and I was the project


    — 2 years ago
    "if i were lonely, would you come to save me?
    i’ll be your damsel in distress, come & help me baby
    someone like you must be heaven sent
    call me [Miss Lane] & i’ll call you [Mister Kent]"
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    Full like we already exchanged glances through our glasses and had a bit of conversation cooked inside our entrees; no trays to catch the leftover where-you-from’s and you-look-good’s and i-like-your-smile’s; Full as though the craved taste from your lips ruined my appetite like ice cream to a little kid before dinner; Full like .. my plate is definitely TOO full. Full like .. mmm your lips are SO full. Full like .. I’d be full of shxt if I said I didn’t have a thing for you; Full like .. damn, I wouldn’t be able to eat another bite ‘cause I’m definitely saving room for dessert full.

    (March 28, 2009)

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    A Fairytale Fantasy

    I thought you were my oh-so-suave knight in shining armor,

    a gentleman, caring, a sweetie, a charmer.

    You knew what I looked for and in front of me you stood,

    a bandit to steal my heart, up to no good.

    But what were you really? A reflection of my dreams?

    I had yet to look behind your shell and I took you for what you seemed to be,

    the blames on me so shame on me; I took you for what you claimed to be,

    & honestly, it’s all the same to me but I’d prefer if you didn’t play games with me.

    'Cause all I ever wanted was someone to care for me,

    someone I could chill with, maybe even be there for me,

    & DAMN you were perfect, those long walks to the bus stop

    but somewhere along the lines, the caring part of you stopped.

    So I’m thinking, were you REALLY my prince? Or is that just what I wanted?

    Was I blinded by the sexy bright smile that you flaunted?

    Or maybe you just lost interest after you got what you wanted?

    I don’t know what it was but part of me still believes,

    you weren’t just a mirage of my fantasies & dreams.

    I know that inside you’re just as sweet as can be,

    so I’ll be waiting for you and your white horse to come and rescue me.

    (June 7, 2008)

    — 2 years ago
    Captive to Your Heart

    Locked up in a cellar is what being in your heart is like,

    you letting me out for sunlight whenever the time’s right,

    putting me in the limelight if your mind’s right

    I’m like … Is this what I’m supposed to get used to?

    I keep giving you signs but I just can’t get through to you,

    so I’m thinking, eff it baby, I’m about to be through with you

    I mean, if you’re down for yourself, then I might as well pursue it too!

    The distance between us was small, but like your carelessness, it grew too,

    & I’m saying to myself, “What’s good with this selfishness? It won’t do”.

    You think that I’M selfish, but these years, I’ve been all for you:

    been giving 100 taking 30—I need some loving too!

    So you figure to take my words for granted, I mean, I DID say I’ll never leave,

    'cause baby, you're my sunshine no matter what the weather would be,

    & my life goes on endlessly,

    my heart beats tremendously,

    but if i stay a prisoner, I’m afraid that’s what I’ll always be.

    You question me and foolishly my heart’s mouth replies to you,

    'cause I'd do anything for you baby, I mean literally, I'd die for you,

    I’d lie for you & at the times when you had pain, I cried for you,

    & even IF you were in the wrong, no doubt I would side for you.

    But I can’t be your Rapunzel anymore, maybe you’ve been mistaken,

    'cause from what I know, the title 'Daddy's already been taken,

    no more faking boo, for now, I think I’m through with you,

    until you learn to realize that we should be [US] & not just [ME & YOU].

    (May 10, 2008)

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    His eyes. A deep chestnut. A reflection of his soul like a deep abyss.

    His lips. Soft and rosy for a perfect kiss.

    I never thought, in my seventeen years,

    that I’d fall for sin, so quick like this.

    (July 5, 2008) 

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    Mental Captivity

    … if it’s a penny for my thoughts, then my desires are priceless,

    blinded by fantasy, leaving me sightless,

    & i won’t get lost because I have you to guide me

    as you cause mental orgasms to arise inside me,


    & although you got it going on sexually and physically,

    i’m surprised at the fact that you can satisfy me mentally ..

    excerpt from Mental Captivity

    (May 7, 2008) 

    — 2 years ago with 2 notes